Open Positions

Therapist/Neuropsychologist Research Fellow

We invite applications for up to three physio-/occupational therapist or neuropsychologist position(s) in research in the field of stroke recovery. The selected candidate(s) will contribute to multi-year, multi-institution projects in the framework of stroke recovery, neuropsychological evaluation and application of innovative neuro-technologies, such as brain computer interface- or non-invasive brain stimulation based rehabilitative training.

The selected candidate(s) must have the ability to perform independently neuro-rehabilitative treatment and evaluation of functional scores in a clinical-research environment in stroke patients or neuropsychological evaluations. Positions will be open now.

Applications must be submitted electronically to


IMPORTANT: Please note that our laboratory is located at the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation (CRR/SUVA) in Sion as well as at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland. All of the projects/internships will therefore be taking place in Sion or in Geneva respectively.