Open Positions

Therapist/Neuropsychologist Research Fellow

We invite applications for up to three physio-/occupational therapist or neuropsychologist position(s) in research in the field of stroke recovery. The selected candidate(s) will contribute to multi-year, multi-institution projects in the framework of stroke recovery, neuropsychological evaluation and application of innovative neuro-technologies, such as brain computer interface- or non-invasive brain stimulation based rehabilitative training.

The selected candidate(s) must have the ability to perform independently neuro-rehabilitative treatment and evaluation of functional scores in a clinical-research environment in stroke patients or neuropsychological evaluations. Positions will be open now.

Applications must be submitted electronically to

Open PhD position

Application deadline: 31 December 2018


We seek one highly talented and motivated PhD student for a Swiss National Foundation (SNF) funded project entitled Reorchestrate-4-Vision. The high-technology project involves task development, multimodal recordings, computational modelling, and testing the models in healthy and patients with visual deficits. Besides making use of various brain imaging techniques (e.g. fMRI and DWI) to investigate the neural basis of visual processing and visual learning, you will work on causal interventions using brain stimulation (TMS and tACS) in a multimodal fashion (TMS-fMRI and TMS-EEG) in healthy and patient samples (stroke patients and patients with Parkinson’s disease). With this, we want to develop a computational framework to better characterize the visual system and understand the neurophysiological bases of visual discrimination in healthy and patients. Ultimately, we aim to predict and manipulate on-going neurophysiological states that may affect visual learning in normal and diseased brains and to provide starting points for personalised interventions based on brain oscillations to enhance vision.

What we expect from you 

You should have a Master degree in a field related to neural engineering or cognitive neuroscience (e.g. experimental psychology, cognitive science, biology, computational neuroscience). Candidates with a strong background in systems neuroscience and experience with computational modelling and/or brain stimulation are particularly encouraged to apply. You are expected to work in an interdisciplinary environment, sharing technical know-how and ideas. You will be given the opportunity to follow classes at EPFL, gain experience in teaching at EPFL and present your work at international conferences and meetings.

Would you like to know more?

For more information, please contact: Estelle Raffin, Postdoctoral researcher and study coordinator

Telephone: +41 21 69 55185, e-mail:

Are you interested?

You should send your application to Prof. Hummel ( and Estelle Raffin ( and apply to the EPFL PhD program.


IMPORTANT: Please note that our laboratory is located at the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation (CRR/SUVA) in Sion as well as at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland. All of the projects/internships will therefore be taking place in Sion or in Geneva respectively.